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More companies are seeking out efficient location based scheduling software every day because it can fix some of the biggest problems plaguing the mobile service companies, such as:

– Poor customer service

– Poor time managment

– Out-of-control costs

– Low technician productivity

– Disorganized job history and data

Location based scheduling software is no longer behind the scenes. Some businesses, like Uber, use their service management software as one of their main selling points.

The Benefits:

1. Schedule Appointments More Efficiently

Scheduling issues are one of the biggest problems for both technicians and dispatchers. You want to find a software that offers real-time scheduling, which alerts technicians immediately when a new job is scheduled. A Location based scheduling software is a bonus here as it factors in geography.

2. Capture Critical Information in One Location

Lack of information is one of the biggest obstacles for construction, HVAC, and other field service management businesses. With a good service management software, you can keep this information in a centralized location.

Technicians can use their app to see job history and related tasks. They can also upload photos or documents while they’re working and use the software to view schematics and real-time parts inventory.

4. Improve Time Keeping

Both technicians and managers can benefit from easier time keeping. Too often, technicians need to enter hours worked at the end of a day or other period.

With a good service scheduling software, technicians can quickly update their timesheets while on the job. You’ll have a better breakdown of how much time techs spend on each job, and finishing payroll with be faster.

5. Use Tasks to Keep Technicians on Time Detailed task breakdowns help technicians stay on time. It also helps them ensure that all of the tasks needed for a repair have been made. Both of these can improve customer satisfaction and lower the chance that you’ll need multiple appointments to complete a repair.

Routezilla is, a one-of-a-kind location based scheduling software that’s designed for service companies who must visit customer locations. Routezilla factors in geography when scheduling your day.