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Maintaining that positive customer experience for your customers is now more important than ever. Miss a step with just one customer and before you know it you are being written up on Google Reviews. There is no ‘Do Over’ for a bad first impression.

Good customer relationships are like friendships. They are always rooted in trust. You could say that trust is something that comes from consistency. Consistency is something you can bank on.

To break free from consistency is to break that bond of trust. In business speak, lack of consistency usually equates to lack of protocols and procedures. This can almost always be chalked up to human error. We all need a little nudge, a timer, to make sure we maintain consistency. If you are late for dinner with a friend, a simple explanation will do the trick. Late for a customer just means you are unorganized. Pure and simple. Explaining your lack of consistency may only dig you into a deeper hole.

Protocols and standard operating procedures are crucial if you want to be taken seriously as a company. And to do that you need to employ the right business tools (namely in the form of the right scheduling, booking, and customer correspondence software platforms). The good news is that it’s cheaper than hiring another manager or secretary.

Streamline your daily operations with a more automated daily business practice. Consistency is key. When an appointment comes in your customer should feel certain that the process will be the same as the last time he booked you. From automated scheduling to automated customer correspondence emails right up to and including the day of the appointment, it’s all important when it comes to the level of professionalism you want to achieve.

Routezilla is, a one-of-a-kind Geography driven scheduling and booking software that’s designed for service companies who must visit customer locations.