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Most business owners are looking for the single best way to schedule their day towards maximum productivity. The experts are speaking to us everyday through Youtube, Blogs and Vlogs, etc. All are claiming to hold the keys to that elusive secret on how to schedule the most efficient work day. Truth be told however, it’s not a one size fits all scenario.

Productive people use varying methods of getting it done. Much of this depends largely on work circumstances and industry fields. What might work brilliantly for Julie’s nail spa does not necessarily mesh well with Bill the mobile mechanic. Do you go to your customers or do your customers come to you? Does driving time and geography factor into your day and how you organize your schedule. In instances like this it’s not simply about time blocking.

For me, when I first began my landscaping business I was restricted by what common scheduling platforms had to offer. None of them seemed to understand that geography was a massive part of my day that needed to be factored in. So I built something just for me. Something that helped me stack my appointments together neatly according to location as opposed to just time slots.

In my case the software I created was without a name. Now known globally as Routezilla, it has been used to schedule over 50,000 Tesla mobile appointments. It was created out of a necessity that I had. A necessity Tesla also had when it came to visiting customer locations. It has allowed companies both big and small to bring laser focus to their day to day activities while spending less time trying to coordinate all the moving parts. It also brought focus to all other aspects of my day.

Proper scheduling, no matter what you employ as your scheduling method, should bring laser focus to all the other aspects of business that used to eat at your time. And anyone in business knows that time is definitely money.

Schedule your day with simplicity. Master your time. Bring focus to your day.

Robert Ducharme is a founder of Routezilla, a one-of-a-kind Geography driven scheduling and booking software that’s designed for service companies who must visit customer locations.