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Money while you sleep

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream: passive income. Elusive, challenging, and some say, impossible, generating a passive income means you can earn money while you sleep.

While the term passive income may sound like it’s about getting something for nothing, it’s more than just a simple “get rich quick” scheme or unrealistic promise. Making money online can be tough, and that passive income requires a lot of upfront thinking. This is especially true when it comes to the functionality of your website.

Let’s examine this in the form of an existing business. Let’s talk about Passive Income for your current enterprise. Most would agree on the importance of a company website. Without it you don’t exist in most people’s minds. But is it enough just to have a website? What is your website doing other than acting as you online billboard which, if not properly promoted, gets seen by very few people. Is it actually making you money? Is it doing it’s job?

The question that too often never gets answered is “What am I doing with these people who visit my site?”. Now that they know about my business how do I engage them and convert them into paying customers? While having a contact us button or request quote is potentially the beginning of a lead, it’s still not quite “Passive”. You still need to insert yourself into the conversation. What if you had a site link that carried on the conversation for you, asked the right questions of your potential new customer, completely qualified the lead so that all you had to do was complete the required task that’s being purchased.

If you truly want to experience the endorphin rush of earning while you sleep you must start teaching your website new tricks. Instead of you making that call, sending that email, your site needs to qualify the lead and close the deal before you reach for that morning cup of coffee.

There are many tricks to the trade these days. Gone are the days when it was enough just to have a website. It’s time to ask the tough questions. What has your website done for you lately?


Routezilla asks the right questions, let’s your customers book you online and qualify the lead right through to completion. It even sends out auto response emails confirming the appointment.