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We’ve seen it on every service site we’ve ever been on. From electricians to plumbers and even dog groomers. The almighty Book Now button that leads to nowhere.  A series of back and forth emails between you and your customer but let’s face it. There’s no BOOK NOW feature happening here. The feature itself is akin to allowing someone to leave you a voicemail. This is no more automated than a CONTACT US button that lets your customer shoot you an email.

The problem here lies in the very fact that you have not actually secured the customer. The longer it takes you to respond to that first “BOOK NOW” email the more time your customer has had to poke around and seek out your competition. As most will agree, it is the early bird or first to respond who get’s the elusive worm.

Don’t let your customers fall away due to slow response time. If you can’t respond immediately don’t have a BOOK NOW BUTTON.

Routezilla’s arrival in this space has been a game changer. Routezilla’s Booking feature let’s you or your customers book you from either a customer facing side displayed on your website or via it’s backend dashboard. Routezilla’s unique system is the only real BOOK NOW software currently on the market when it comes to booking location-based services. Why? Because Routezilla asks the right questions, finds out where each incoming job is located geographically and in the end neatly packs those jobs together by neighborhood.