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The dilemma faced by most mobile service providers is that it is difficult to achieve a sustainable level of profitability. They either have too few service people trying to address their customer base or they simply cannot provide service at a time and place chosen by their customer. Being short staffed they are quite often forced to forego new service opportunities.

Both case scenarios can be solved with a little automation. A simple software solution solves everything. Booking customers, scheduling times based on customer locations, factoring in customer’s requested times of service, customer correspondence; All of this falls into the realm of automation, which can take the place of one full time employee. And while young bright employee with plenty of stamina may get run off his/her feet handling all of these tasks the right scheduling software can handle the entire load without even breaking a sweat.

Mobile service providers often employ too many mobile service representatives in an attempt to meet the demand of customer scheduled appointments. Automation is the secret to your success bar none. Keeping up with the demands of both your staff and customers comes down to how well they are ‘handled’. Handling with care takes time. Handling with automation doesn’t.

Robert Ducharme is CEO of Routezilla, a one-of-a-kind Geography driven customer scheduling software that is designed for service companies who must visit customer locations.