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I have spoken a great deal about the dilemma faced by most mobile service providers. Now a bit about the solution. As CEO of Routezilla I constantly put myself in the shoes of the mobile service provider. Some mobile service providers are titans of the mobile service industry while others are just trying to keep it together in a Pandemic world. Nonetheless, in a nutshell, these people are my tribe. My story of trying to build a successful mobile scheduling tool began many years ago when I owned a landscaping company complete with it’s own scheduling and staffing headaches. Back then there was no tool to fix my daily struggles. And so Routezilla was born.

The dilemma – The average mobile service company has too few service people trying to address their customer base and therefore often forego new service opportunities or they simply cannot provide service at a time and place chosen by their customer. Conversely, mobile service providers must employ too many mobile service representatives in an attempt to meet the demands of customer scheduled appointments. In both these scenarios, the service provider’s business operates very inefficiently and, regardless of potential growth in service calls, profitability and customer satisfaction do not improve. Scheduling is simply a costly nightmare.

The Solution – Our team at Routezilla developed a proprietary software platform that allows the customer to choose the date, time and location at which they wish to have the requested service occur. It allows the service provider to meet virtually all customer requests, automatically schedules the most efficient routes and saves an average of 20 minutes of scheduling time per service request. This equates to highly satisfied customers, more appointments per day and substantially increased profitability for the service provider. This is critical to mobile service providers given the costs of vehicle acquisition, maintenance, equipment and staff. Offsetting these costs by improving efficiency is of paramount importance.

Routezilla is a one-of-a-kind Geography driven customer scheduling software that is designed for service companies who must visit customer locations. As CEO I enjoy meeting fellow members of my tribe. For a free demo of how we can help your mobile service business thrive in 2021 click HERE. One of our team members will walk you through this one of a kind tool we have developed. To speak to me personally, please email me directly at robert@routezilla