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Late is a trait. We all know someone who is known for being late. We all have that one friend who is so known for possessing this personality trait whereby one might say he/she will be late for their own funeral. But what does this personality trait really mean. Is it a sign of disrespect, or of not valuing other people’s time? Is it selfishness? Some might say all of the above.

Many of us are addicted to busyness.  We feel like something is off if we’re not doing something. Yet as we possess this need to always be busy for many of us we’re not multi-taskers. So what does it mean in the business world?

What if you’re running a service business that goes to customer locations and people are waiting for you to arrive. You’ve given them an exact time or, worse, a wide open time window.  When you’re late in business it becomes an organizational issue. You are unorganized. You are unprofessional. This is often what the customer sees in you. The side effects of being late can be disastrous. Lost time. Loss of future customers.

One of the best ways to attach this problem head on is better organization. We live in the best times possible for people trying to get organized. There’s an App, a software, for everything. Passive income streams have become more commonplace than ever. It is possible to multitask without having your finger constantly on the task.

Routezilla is a one of a kind appointment scheduling software that understands geography.