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Hot on the heels of Amazon Prime day the world’s leading retailer of online goods once again outdoes itself. It continues to raise the bar to soaring levels. Trend setters in the world of online selling, Amazon has little competition to speak of. But just what is the elusive secret of Amazon. What is it that can be copied by small business seeking growth. There’s more to this equation than vast amounts of inventory. The Amazon level of inventory is virtually unreachable for most. Whatever the ‘It’ Factor is when it comes to Amazon, there’s good news for everyone. The secret is not in the inventory. It’s not so even about the products. It’s about the service.

Amazon recognizes something in the consumer that many fail to see. A standard that should be met in order to succeed in any business.  It’s about the user experience plain and simple. Whether you’re returning something to Amazon or purchasing, the experience is easy. Press this button. Click here. Send. Delivered within 24 hours without having spoken to a human. Not satisfied with the product? Don’t blame the lack of human contact. Don’t blame anyone in fact. Simply put it back in the box and someone almost instantly (figuratively speaking) will pick it up and return it to it’s place of origin. A simple effortless system. So reliable that people trust it to do it over and over again. For some it becomes addiction. Much like a visit to Costco people find themselves buying things they didn’t even know they needed ten minutes prior.

Amazon is setting the standard for all companies both big and small. The Amazon experience is changing people’s expectations when it comes to response time. People are becoming accustomed to quick response times. Companies who can’t deliver on this simple idea find themselves losing out on potential business as the consumer moves on to the competitor’s website.

As a business owner the greatest favor you can do yourself is to become user centered. Companies that focus on the user experience are winning the day. Once you have achieved this there is one last crucial component to add to your standard operating procedures. Ask your customer this question. “How was your experience?”.

Routezilla is, a one-of-a-kind Geography driven scheduling and booking software that’s designed for service companies who must visit customer locations.