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As Tesla and similar type companies continue to innovate it is clear that the consumer is craving that good old fashioned customer experience that seemed to have disappeared for the previous few decades. Anyone who has seen Back to the Future will recall the famous gas station scene. Multiple attendants rush out to offer service just as the car rolls in. Ding Ding! You have a customer!

For decades this this type of customer service had all but disappeared. The era of self checkout was ushered in hot on the heels of the ‘Self Serve’ mindset. You need fuel. And we know you’re going to pay us for that fuel whether we come out and assist you or not. This became the retailer mindset. As most of us are well aware however, trends are cyclical. Companies got complacent and the consumer continued to consume, regardless of how they are treated. The consumer caught on. And so did Tesla.

‘Ding Ding’ was replaced by a ‘Ping’! You have a customer. So what are you going to do about it? First off, in the case of Tesla, it was quickly realized that the customer wanted more attention. The customer wanted convenience on every level. The reason Tesla was so eager to appease them is in part due to the fact that it’s also easier to do business this way. Automated systems are part of Tesla’s secret sauce. Another ingredient is that Tesla’s bottom line got shrunken down. The service station of yesterday is not always necessary. Going mobile is the new trend.

Bringing service to the customer means the service man doesn’t need all the overhead involved with having a storefront. Less staff, fewer utility bills, etc etc… All this under the guise of offering better customer service.

All of this bears great news to the mom and pop shops around the globe. Anyone can offer the Tesla like customer experience if one is willing to let go of old practices and start employing more automated systems. Start trusting in technology and let go of excessive human intervention.

If you’re still asking yourself what ‘automation’ is all about in your business, ask yourself this. How are you currently managing your bookings? How are you scheduling your appointments? Are you constantly contacting customers manually by text messages, emails and phone calls? If you’re answering yes to any of this you are missing out on the power of automation. The Tesla-like experience is hot. Everyone wants it. And the good news is that anyone, even you, can provide it. What are you willing to let go of? What are you willing to try? Three words you need to incorporate into your new business model. Automate. Automate. Automate.

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