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Routezilla is designed to help small service companies save money and improve their workflow. It does this in several ways. First, with intelligent online business scheduling software available at any time of day, Routezilla ensures that customers can schedule appointments quickly and easily. Routezilla also keeps fuel costs low and optimizes staff hours. This is achieved with the use of Google mapping technology that keeps each day’s appointments in the same geographical area and plots out the quickest routes for crews to take. Users can easily pre-set each day’s available service areas and change them as needed. Routezilla’s other benefits include real-time crew calendars, business analytics, customer confirmation and reminder emails, customer communication tools, data back-up and program security.

Robert Ducharme, CEO

Robert is the principle founder of Routezilla. Robert is a highly analytical, forward thinking decision-maker with extensive experience leading financial, product development, human resource, ideation, marketing and sales team operations across several different socioeconomic demographics.

Ken Ngyou, CTO

Ken is solutions-oriented and highly analytical, possessing 25 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. Senior level experience in management of IT teams and Information Architectures on a global scale. Strategically and effectively utilized technology in alignment with corporate goals. Ken excels at Information Architecture, strategic planning, building high performance teams, project management and implementing best practice methodologies.

Brent Ducharme, CMO

For us here at Routezilla headquarters 2020 has brought about something we’ve been talking about for years. An increasing need for automated software that caters to door to door appointment scheduling. People are coming to Routezilla more than ever looking for new ways to increase profits and improve workflows.

Alireza Masour, Advisory Team

Alireza is a General Partner at Plug & Play Ventures in the Silicon Valley, a place where he has led thousands of companies from infancy startup stage to massive success. Prior to Plug & Play he was founder and CEO at NekaTel, one of the largest Internet Airtime Distribution Networks.

Richard Favro, Advisory Team

Aside from from his own various successful startups, Richard has in recent years held the title of executive in residence at Accelerate Okangan helping to lead several technology companies from early stage to rapid growth to market leaders.

Kevin Collins, Advisory Team

Kevin is CEO of, an Artificial Intelligence software company designed to improve productivity for busy people everywhere. This falls right in step with Routezilla’s long standing mission. Before Charli and Routezilla Kevin developed Bit Stew Systems which was later acquired by General Electric.

Helping on the road service companies save money and improve their workflow in an increasingly contactless world.

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