Increase Profits With Smarter Scheduling Strategies

Scheduling is quite often the most despised item on the daily “To Do” list. Whether you’re doing this task on your own or with a team, it’s always a good idea to be consistent in your methods. Employing the right customer scheduling software is a great step towards saving you time and money. It can also alleviate a lot of stress that often accompanies this mundane task. But there are other things you can do to maximize profits and reduce stress.

Use Your Historical Data. Learn From It.

The best way to make projections on your future sales trends is by paying attention to your past trends. Determining your labor needs from one day to the next is important. For some it’s more a matter of seasonal trends, peak hours in a day, or busier than normal portions of the month. It’s all worth examining. 

Schedule to Strengths Not Weaknesses.

Knowing your workers strengths and weaknesses is vital information. Even if you’re using a good customer scheduling software there are often input points that allow you to examine busy parts of the day and schedule your most efficient workers to take those shifts, service routes, or time slots.

Quality Of Life For Your Workers Can Mean Quality Of Life For You.

Scheduling is about more than placing dots on a calendar or plots on a map. Proper scheduling can positively affect both your workers and customers alike.  When this happens you can be certain there’s a direct link to your profit margins. Having enough workers to fill the time slots is key. Customers are not waiting. No one is overworked. Everyone is happy. Modern day trends to achieve this all point back to having a good customer scheduling software . Our brains are multitasking all day long. And that’s not always a good thing. Multi-tasking is often just another way of saying that you’re spreading out the quality.

Customer Scheduling Software

Why focus any of your day on something that (as I pointed out at the start) is quite often the most despised item on the daily “To Do” list.  A good customer scheduling software is the equivalent of a good hire. And speaking of quality workers, scheduling to strengths, and using historical data to increase profits… That’s exactly why you need a good customer scheduling software . A singularly focused automated platform that cares only about creating the most efficient work day possible.

Robert Ducharme is CEO of Routezilla, a one-of-a-kind Geography driven customer scheduling software that is designed for service companies who must visit customer locations and need to deliver top notch customer service. By asking the right questions of your customers Routezilla is able to offer fully automated customer service to your customers.

“The US on-demand home services sector currently stands at $600 billion. It has shown a steadfast growth during the pandemic and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 49% by 2021. Do you have the workflow methods in place to keep up.”

Robert Ducharme,CEO

Routezilla Software Corp.