So just what is location based scheduling?

Routezilla's one of a kind system seamlessly generates service routes and can even self serve appointments based on the geographic location of your next and previous service calls.

Booking System
Self booking feature displayed on your website lets your customers access your real time availability based on where your service crews are already scheduled.
Mapping Technology

Define what neighborhoods your service crews will be servicing by using the Routezilla Radius tool on Google Maps.


Service crews, head office, and customers are all looking at the same calendar window to view available times for service calls.

Intelligent Scheduling

A booking system that syncs with map-based scheduling instantly creates efficient daily service runs.

Customer Correspondence

Autoreponse emails keep you in touch with your customers prior to their service call. 

Displays availability calendar based on number of crews and service call locations.

Creates Geographic radius to confine service call route for that day.


Customer facing booking shows your availability based on active radius.

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Used in 70+ Countries

Proven solution for businesses scheduling anything home or workplace mobile service related.

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