How To Qualify Those Home Service Business Leads

Qualifying leads and converting them into paying customers boils down to asking the right questions. When we developed Routezilla we had more than just scheduling in mind. “How can we get more jobs for our mobile service providers” was always our top priority. This was the question we asked ourselves over and over again.

The answer always circled back to qualifying the leads. Routezilla’s unique customer-facing booking system is able to capture your customer’s contact info AND book the appointment all at the same time. While most companies only provide your customer the option to wait for a ‘Call Back’, Routezilla is  unique in that it is able to confirm the booking.

It’s all in the questions. Ask the right qualifying questions and automation can be trusted to handle the job from booking to completion.

When it comes to the mobile service industry, geography plays a big part in structuring your day. Routezilla understands that. 

Robert Ducharme is CEO of Routezilla, a one-of-a-kind Geography driven customer scheduling software that is designed for service companies who must visit customer locations and need to deliver top notch customer service. By asking the right questions of your customers Routezilla is able to offer fully automated customer service to your customers.

Robert Ducharme,CEO

Routezilla Software Corp.